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Our son had a relationship with a girl some years ago, which produced our only granddaughter, who is now seven. The couple split up, and our son has been paying maintenance. We now discover that the mother has married and is planning to emigrate. We thought our son’s consent would be required for his daughter to be taken abroad?

We are getting divorced. I was paying maintenance for my children through the Child Support Agency, but when my wife took them to the Republic of Ireland last year the CSA decided they were outside their jurisdiction and closed the case. Will the English court issue an order for child maintenance if the mother and children continue to live outside the UK and I am unable to find out where they are?

Is there a cut-off point beyond which you no longer have to pay child maintenance? My daughter is 21, has completed her degree and is threatening to take her father to court because he doesn’t want to pay another year while she does a master’s degree.

My son divorced after a marriage lasting only a year. He still has contact with his daughters, but finds that they are known locally by his ex-wife’s maiden name and have been enrolled at the infant school in her name too. There has been no court application about this. Is there anything he can do?

I have been married for three years, and my wife’s children from a previous marriage live with us. Their father is still very much on the scene, and they stay with him at weekends. I would like to adopt them; what rights do I have, and how would I go about it?

I have paid maintenance for my son since the day he was born. When the CMS came into being I had to make my payments through them. I have been told that I can stop paying towards his upkeep when he reaches the age of 18 if I wish, which will be in six months’ time. Is this correct?

I was in a relationship with a girl for four months before we split up. She has now contacted me to tell me that she’s pregnant. What rights do I have? I don’t feel she should have this child, which would be brought up by a single parent on benefits.

My daughter lives with a man who has £50 a week taken from his wages by the Child Maintenance Service to pay for two children of a former girlfriend. He says only one of the children is his, but they have discovered that a DNA test will cost around £100, plus legal fees. They are in danger of losing their house. Shouldn’t the CMS take their financial commitments into account?

My father used to beat me. I haven’t seen him for six years. He has now discovered I’ve had a baby and is threatening to apply for access, which he says will give him the right to have my child for overnight stays at their house. I don’t want my son to have anything to do with them. Will he get this access?

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