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We are all consumers, whether it be doing the weekly shop, buying that dream holiday or paying the household bills.

If you’ve paid for goods and services that aren’t up to scratch, as a consumer you’re fully entitled to challenge this in order to put things right.

Your rights

Legally, when you buy or pay for practically any product or service, you have “entered a contract”. Whilst this might sound complicated – its not! There are all kinds of laws to protect you if something goes wrong with your purchase. These are known as your consumer rights.

Our free legal advice covers a range of common problems and what you can do to challenge or get your money back if something isn’t up to scratch, including;

  • Contracts with utilities and household bills
  • Faulty goods
  • Goods not being “as described”
  • Repairs and home improvements
  • Returning goods
  • Supply of services
  • Warranties

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Consumer Law Questions

I was sold what I thought was a month-by-month gym membership. I discussed it in detail with the gym, and was assured I could cancel my membership at any time on a month’s notice. However when I decided to pull out recently they told me I couldn’t cancel it until I had been a member for a year. Is there anything I can do?

My son bought some brand-name trainers for £120, and after just three weeks the sole has come off one of them. I took them back to the shop but they say the manufacturer has a policy of not replacing them in these circumstances. I asked the shop to send them back to the manufacturer, but the shop doubted I would get a refund.

I ordered a sofa bed six months ago and paid £600 in full by cheque. The firm has gone into voluntary liquidation, and although I was sent a claim form they say I am unlikely to get anything back. However they said I could reclaim the VAT after six months. How would I go about this?

I am allergic to onions, but on a recent visit to a local restaurant I was served a pasta dish with onions in even though I checked three times to ensure it was onion-free! When the dish arrived I had one spoonful and was very sick. The restaurant referred my complaint to their solicitors who, on learning that I wasn’t hospitalised, decided there was no claim to answer.

I bought a £600 widescreen TV on finance. They couldn’t get it tuned in properly, and after they’d made several attempts they agreed to take it back. I informed the finance company, which closed my account, but the shop says it won’t reimburse me until they’ve picked the TV up. To date they haven’t done so. Can I charge them for storage?

I ordered a computer by mail order, paying nearly £800 by direct debit. The business has apparently been taken over by another large firm which is using the name but has taken on none of its financial liabilities. How do I stand as regards getting either my money back or delivery of the computer?

We booked a country house hotel for my daughter’s wedding, which promised us a tranquil, pleasant environment. But with a week to go, the place is like a builder’s yard. If it’s not made good by the wedding I wonder if I would have any redress?

We bought a week of timeshare on a holiday park six years ago, and paid extra so we could take our week at any time of the year. The timeshare company has since been taken over, and they’re now refusing our request for a peak season week. Can they change the conditions of our timeshare ownership contract?

I booked a holiday through an internet company, paying £900. However when we arrived there was no record of us and we ended up miles from the resort centre. On our return the holiday firm offered to refund the £260 we had to pay for the apartment, but no more. Should I take them to the small claims court?

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