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Finding yourself charged with a crime or the subject of a police investigation, whether voluntary or involuntary, can be a stressful time.  The added stress of not knowing what will happen to you, what your legal rights are or knowing the law involved can make the situation even worse.

Whatever the allegation may be,it is important that expert legal advice is obtained from a specialist criminal lawyer immediately. Be it a speeding ticket or driving offence, road traffic accident or a more serious fraud or regulatory offence, everyone has the right to a criminal lawyer, who can provide timely advice to ensure that your interests are protected all times , and give you the opportunity to take precautions and ensure appropriate defence.

Criminal law can cover a wide range of matters including

  • Fraud
  • General Criminal Law
  • Licensing
  • Motoring Offences
  • Road Traffic Accidents

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Crime Questions

I have recently been employed at a school as a classroom assistant. I have been asked to fill in a police check form, which asks if I have had a caution/ been bound over/ have a criminal record. Twelve years ago I was bound over for 12 months after a drunken night out. Will the police still have a record of this?

A year ago the Crown Court found me guilty of a crime, but the conviction was quashed on appeal. The police now have my fingerprints and photograph on file. Am I entitled to have these destroyed?

My husband has just been found not guilty in court and was awarded all his costs. The case lasted two days, and he also had to appear in court to answer bail on three occasions, so he claimed for five days’ loss of earnings. However the clerk of the court told us the regulations didn’t allow this. What are these regulations?

A friend was involved in a car accident. The police came to her house, but she had a drink before they arrived. She was breathalysed and arrested and has now been prosecuted for drink driving. How can the police do this when she had alcohol after the accident?

If you have been arrested for drink driving and you know that you have not drunk alcohol, do you still have to give a breath test?

I am selling an empty house, and I am worried about squatters. If anyone breaks in, are they legally allowed to stay?

I’m told that if you are stopped by the police on suspicion of drink driving then you will be asked to take two breath tests. Is this correct?

If you are stopped by the police either while you’re on foot or in a car, what information are you required to give them?

My son was caught in a speed trap and didn’t supply any information about the identification of the driver. He’s now been issued with a summons. I thought there was a European law about the right to silence?

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