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My sister-in-law is on the verge of bankruptcy. She has been using my address for her mail without my permission. Am I right to be concerned about bailiffs coming round?

I ordered a computer by mail order, paying nearly £800 by direct debit. The business has apparently been taken over by another large firm which is using the name but has taken on none of its financial liabilities. How do I stand as regards getting either my money back or delivery of the computer?

I am a one-man business and, to help cashflow, I looked at the possibility of factoring. I sent a firm invoices totalling £4,500 I am owed, but they were concerned about some of my customers and wouldn’t take me on. Now they refuse to return my paperwork until I have paid a £500 “set-up fee”. Since they’ve turned me down I don’t think I should have to pay.

I defaulted on my credit card more than two years ago. I’ve been trying to pay the debt off since, but when I approached a lender about a mortgage I was refused. Is there any way I can repair my credit rating?

I let a property 12 years ago to a tenant who put my name down as the person responsible for paying the water bill. The water board took the case to court and won judgment against me, although I didn’t find out about this until the tenant left. Do I have to declare the fact that there is a County Court Judgment against me to my insurers etc, since my name was used fraudulently?

When we wound up our small business partnership the bank sent us statements showing our credit card balance had been paid off, and the accounts were finalised accordingly. However the bank has now written to us saying there was an error and £600 is still outstanding. What is my position?

I had a relationship with a woman for two years and spent nearly £6,000 on her. I lent her money for a small claims case and I paid for her share of a holiday; in both cases she promised to repay me when her second home was sold. When we got back from holiday she sent me a text message saying the relationship was over. Can I sue her for the money?

After we sold our business my husband and I attempted to bring in the money we were still owed. It took five years to bring one particular debtor to court, where the judge found in our favour and ordered him to pay our costs. He appears wealthy but I’m told everything is in his wife’s name. Our solicitor says it will cost at least £500 to pursue the money and we may still not get it.

I have a charge over the house of somebody who owes me money. I have been told these charges only last 12 years. Is this correct?

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