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You need insurance for just about anything these days from your car to your home and valued possessions, or if you are business owner, you need employer’s liability cover to protect you against claims against employees.

Whatever the policy, an insurance company has a legal obligation to meet the terms and conditions set out in your contract. If it fails to do so, the company will be in breach of contract.

Disputes rising as a result of insurance policy claims are becoming just as common as making the claims themselves. A dispute can be a result of a claim that has been rejected outright, or where the insurance company refuse to pay the full value of the claim, leaving you out of pocket.

Challenging insurance disputes can be complex, but there are options available for you to challenge these, and a solicitor who specialises in this area of the law will be able to advise you further.

Our free legal advice can assist when your insurance company has rejected your claim, refused to pay you what your claim is worth, or given some other reason not to pay you.

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Insurance law Questions

My wife and I were involved in a road accident while holidaying in Italy last year. We have a form from the Italian police saying the other driver was at fault and we have the driver’s full details. However his insurers are being difficult by not answering emails or ‘phone calls. How can we make any progress in the circumstances?

A postman allegedly had an accident on my property nearly two years ago. He says he tripped on the flagstones which form a small step up from my neighbour’s property. My 18-month-old child doesn’t find this a problem, but they say it isn’t “reasonably” safe. What is reasonable or unreasonable? I am not insured.

A car crashed into mine at very high speed. The driver got out and ran off. The police arrived moments later, and I learned they had been following the other car for some time. My car is a write-off. What is my position as regards my insurers?

A coping stone fell from the roof of our council house and damaged my daughter’s car. We claimed on the council’s insurance, and an insurance representative went to see the car at a repair garage. The garage ‘phoned to say they’d been given the go-ahead, but the garage now says the claim has been rejected and they want my daughter to pay the £900 bill.

My wife was involved in a minor accident when she ran into the back of a van. There appeared to be no damage to either vehicle but we have now received bill from the van owner’s insurance company for more than £700 of repairs. What should we do?

Our buildings insurers have refused to cover the cost of underpinning an extension to our house which is showing signs of subsidence. They say the extension, which was put up ten years ago, was built on soft ground. But the builders’ work was checked by the council inspector, and the concrete footings were only poured when the ground was considered firm enough.

We went on holiday with my mother. She ended up having to have a pacemaker fitted at a cost of £15,000. The travel insurance company now says it won’t pay for this, and I’m not sure what our position is.

We live in a block of four flats. Our tenancy agreements say we’re obliged to take out insurance, but when a fire damaged the block recently it emerged that the tenants of the flat where the fire started weren’t insured. Who can we claim compensation from in the circumstances?

I subscribe to a breakdown service through an insurance policy, but when my car broke down on the M1 they didn’t turn up! I threatened to sue the breakdown service and seven months later they sent a cheque for £60. Is that all I’m entitled to?

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