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Have you suffered an injury? Unsure of whether you can make a personal injury claim?

Suffering an accident is stressful enough but pursuing a compensation claim shouldn’t be a burden. Let our legal advisors support you through this difficult time. Whatever your question we can provide the legal answers you require. From whether you are eligible to receive compensation, to the funding options available to you. And best of all, it won’t cost you a penny.

What can I claim for?

Personal injury law covers all sorts of incidents. These can be split into six main categories:

  • Accident at work claims
  • Claims against local authorities or companies
  • Industrial disease claims
  • Road traffic accident claims
  • Serious injury claims
  • Slip, trip and fall claims

Can’t see your accident on this list? Don’t panic. Our personal injury lawyers deal with all types of injury claims, often on a no win no fee basis. When making a claim, you will be compensated not only for the pain and suffering you have experienced as a result of the accident / illness, but also for any loss of amenity or expenses that have come as a direct result of the incident.

Am I eligible to claim compensation?

If you have suffered physical or psychological discomfort because of another person or organisation’s negligence then you can claim compensation for personal injury. A specialist personal injury solicitor will be guide you through what you will need to do and what you will need to prove in order to make a successful claim.
Compensation can cover you for loss of earnings, medical expenses and rehabilitation costs. Whatever you need to get back on your feet.

Still uncertain?

Whether you need advice or to clarify a query -ask one of our legal advisors today. Simply write your question in the box and our lawyers will handle the rest.

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Personal Injury Questions

I put in a claim for compensation after I fell on an uneven pavement. The council’s insurers have rejected the claim after a surveyor’s report found “no actionable defects were located at the time”. We have been refused a copy of the report on the grounds that the Civil Procedure Rules apply. Surely I should be entitled to see it?

I was involved in a traffic accident, so I signed up with an accident claims company. The problem is that the service is very poor; they don’t seem to care because they are going to get paid anyway.

After returning from a coach trip a tyre exploded as we were going round the back of the vehicle. My GP thinks the noise may have permanently damaged my hearing, but the firm’s insurance company says the incident could not be predicted and as such they have no liability. What’s your opinion?

I slipped on an oil spillage on a ferry over three years ago while going on holiday. I broke my leg and had to have an operation abroad. The ship’s purser took all the details, but when I went for compensation my solicitor took so long he was “out of time”. Is that the end of the matter?

All over the country there are pensioners working as volunteers in charity shops. Are we covered legally if, say, we take a fall in the shop through an item being put in the wrong place, or worse still, are knocked about during an attempted till snatch?

I have been suffering from repetitive strain injury and I applied to retire on health grounds. However the pension managers say they cannot provide me with a pension forecast because my employers are withholding their consent. They talk about the “sensitive nature” of my request.

I was in an accident involving a bus five months ago. I am claiming compensation, but I’ve now been asked to find the money to see a consultant. Can’t the hospital that treated me provide the information the other side require?

My son had an accident at work when a chemical solution splashed in his eye, even though he was wearing protective goggles. It’s possible he will lose the sight in the eye. Currently his employers have agreed to pay his wages but haven’t accepted liability. What’s our best course of action to ensure he receives any compensation due?

Nearly two years ago I was head butted while trying to protect a neighbour from her violent boyfriend. He was convicted of assault, and I was awarded £300. The defendant paid £50 and nothing further. The court says it’s unable to trace the defendant, and they’ve more or less asked me to find out where he is. How would I go about doing this?

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