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Whether you are buying a property, moving house or selling your property on, for many this is one of the biggest financial decisions you can make in life, and can often be a stressful process.

The last thing you need is complicated legal jargon to add to the mix. The right expert legal support can make the whole property process quicker and easier for you.

Once you’ve got the keys to that dream property, its natural that your top priority will be to protect it. When property disputes arise, life can suddenly become stressful. Whether you are a home owner, a landlord or a tenant, we understand that property disputes can be unpleasant and highly complicated, and you need the right legal advice to guide you through the process.

Residential property law can cover a wide range of areas, including:

  • Buying or selling your home
  • Compulsory purchases
  • Deeds of Gift
  • Property Disputes
  • Part-Exchanges
  • Re-Mortgages
  • Right to Buy
  • Transfers of Equity

From home hunter queries to house-builder advice or neighbour disputes, we have wide-ranging experience in the day-to-day and the complexities of property law; so everything you need to get moving is right here. Our bank of free questions and answers can provide a wide range of legal advice with regards to residential property and your rights.

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Property Questions

If I transferred my house into my daughter’s name and another property I own into my son’s name, would this enable them to avoid inheritance tax?

My neighbours are putting up a conservatory and are planning to let their property out, despite restrictive covenants which state that no new buildings must be constructed without my permission and that the property must not be used for commercial purposes. What can I do about this?

Two years ago my aunt gave her house to her stepson, who lived with her. However he died recently, and his next of kin are now claiming the property. She is worried that she could be thrown out of her home. What is her position?

I live on a small housing estate built some 40 years ago. The deeds state that properties are to be used as dwelling houses only, but many people are running businesses from home, employing not just themselves but other people as well. Who is responsible for enforcing the terms of the deeds?

I’m thinking of buying my father’s council house. He’s 85 and will qualify for the full discount. If he needed to go into a nursing home, would the council have a claim on the house to pay for his care?

I lived with my partner for seven years until she asked me to leave. She owned the property and we shared all household expenses equally, and when I left I just took the things I had brought with me. Am I entitled to anything more?

My son and his partner bought a house in her name five years ago: at the time they intended to buy a second house in his name and rent it out. Now they have split up and the house is up for sale. If I’m not mistaken she will get the proceeds, even though they have shared all the bills. Will he get anything?

Over the last two years my neighbours and I have been asking the council to remove a tree on the pavement outside our properties. It is causing damage to our cars, drives, drains, telephone wires and television aerials, which is costing us money. Last year we were notified that the tree was to come down, but we have now discovered that the plan has been abandoned because there have been complaints.

My neighbours have recently parked a caravan on their drive close to the wall of my house. The deeds to the houses in the road clearly state that owners should not keep caravans, boats etc on the property. Who should be enforcing the covenant? If the caravan caught fire and damaged my property could my household insurance be invalid?

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