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We received a letter from the council four months ago saying a complaint had been made, supposedly because our dog was causing a noise nuisance. We were told that the complainant would be asked to keep a diary of the alleged barking for a two-week period, and then if necessary electronic monitoring would be installed. We object to being spied on and the assumption that we’re guilty.

My daughter lives on a busy road. Her neighbour parks two vans outside his house, which completely obliterate the view of anyone in a car leaving my daughter’s drive. What is the law about vehicles parked in such a dangerous manner?

The council have been putting in a pedestrian crossing outside my shop, and customers have been unable to park while the work has been going on. It’s made a huge impact on my business turnover. Am I entitled to any compensation?

A neighbour has recently installed a CCTV camera which is used to film all our comings and goings. We feel this is an intrusion of our privacy. Is this legal, and if not what can we do about it?

I have heard that the magistrates sometimes do not endorse your licence with penalty points even though they would normally have to. Is this correct, and how do they decide whether to endorse or not?

There was a case in the papers recently where someone escaped a driving ban for having 12 penalty points on their licence by arguing that they would suffer hardship if disqualified. In this case I think they said their charity work would suffer. How many times can you use this argument?

They’re planning to put up a 20-metre telecom mast quite close to our housing estate. My house looks out on to open countryside. Would I be entitled to compensation if the value of my house was affected by the mast, or if, for example, it interfered with my TV reception?

Ten years ago a supermarket was built at the bottom of my garden. There were supposed to be no deliveries before seven in the morning and after eight at night, but they’ve started delivering earlier and later and on bank holidays. We complained to the planning department, who said they would get three warnings before being fined. However the supermarket soon went back to its old ways, and as I write a delivery is taking place at 10pm.

How long do penalty points remain on a driving licence, or does it depend on the type of conviction?

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