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I am a one-man business and, to help cashflow, I looked at the possibility of factoring. I sent a firm invoices totalling £4,500 I am owed, but they were concerned about some of my customers and wouldn’t take me on. Now they refuse to return my paperwork until I have paid a £500 “set-up fee”. Since they’ve turned me down I don’t think I should have to pay.

We run a small family business and started using casual labour eight years ago. I kept records of payments made and submitted these to the Inland Revenue via our accountant. We have now had a demand for seven years’ unpaid tax, amounting to over £20,000.

I am a small retailer who’s taken a cheque for £1,000 from another retailer for some surplus stock. Now the cheque has bounced and I am getting empty promises. Can you advise me of the legal situation?

My husband took over his father’s ailing business, and a few years later his brother put some money in with a view to his son taking over one day. But the firm dwindled and the son wasn’t interested in joining. My husband is now retired, but his brother’s widow is trying to claim the money back from the business. Is she entitled to anything?

I have a unit in a shopping arcade. The landlord got an electrician in to do some refurbishment work, and the electrician cut a wire which set off my shop alarm. The police came out and my alarm company charged me nearly £150 to repair the system. The landlord says I should take the matter up with the electricians, but they refuse to pay the bill.

My wife has a small shop and was approached by a firm which said it could get her business rates reduced. They said they would charge a fee only if they were successful. Although they weren’t, they are now demanding payment on the basis of small print which says the fee becomes due once they’d obtained a reply. Do we have to pay?

A friend and I set up a highly successful business five years ago. We didn’t have a written agreement and we have now fallen out. My friend hasn’t turned up for work in the last six months, but she won’t even discuss selling me her half of the firm. What can be done?

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