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Moving house – the stress, the worry, the endless documents. Whether you’re a first time buyer or property investor, things can be far from plain sailing.

That’s where the lawyers at Free Legal Advice come in. Simple, straightforward solutions based on your conveyancing needs. It really is that easy. No complicated jargon – just practical legal support.

What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the legal term given to the sale or purchase of a property. As soon as you have accepted or submitted an offer you will need the assistance of a conveyancer. A conveyancer is a specially trained legal representative who will handle the documents needed to the transfer of ownership of the property or land. This will include the drafting of contracts clearly stating any charges or deposits.


A conveyancer will take care of the following:

  • Home duty
  • Land charge searches – does the council have any plans for your area? A local authority search will alert you to any plans that will impact your use of the property.
  • Land registry – searches needed to prove the sellers ownership or land.
  • Local search – searches related to the location of your new home.
  • Stamp duty – the tax charged when you buy a home.


For sellers, a conveyancer’s role is slightly different.
Once an offer has been made you will need a conveyancer to draw up a draft contract. This will be sent to the buyer. When the terms have been accepted your conveyancer will exchange contracts with the buyer. This is a legally binding contract – you can not pull out of the chain after this point.

On completion day your conveyancer is responsible for:

  • Providing proof of ownership
  • Receive outstanding sale price
  • Paying off any mortgage on the property from the sale

Still uncertain?

Don’t be. You do the packing and let us take care of the rest. Our legal advisors can take you through the process, identifying any hidden pitfalls along the way. No stress, no worry – just happy home owners.

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Conveyancing Questions

My parents were executors of my grandmother’s will. She left everything to my mother except a diamond necklace that she left to my sister. My mother and my sister don’t get on, and my sister has never received the necklace. Does a beneficiary who doesn’t receive a bequest have any redress against an executor, and is there any time limit on this?

When buying a house, can you tell me what checks are made during the conveyancing process? Would you expect to find out whether or not planning permission had been obtained for an extension?

Is a copy of everybody’s will available for inspection? Can I just go in and ask to see one?

When I bought a new car I was encouraged to take out insurance in case I was unable to keep up the repayments either through unemployment or ill health. Unfortunately I suffered a major downturn in my diabetes while I was abroad, and had to resign as co-director of my company. I’m now waiting to go into hospital, but the insurance company is refusing to accept my claim. What can I do?

The house we bought was described as having electric wall heaters in four rooms, but we couldn’t test them because the electricity was switched off. They turned out to be a form of air-conditioning, blowing out cold air. If we had known we wouldn’t have bought the house. Do we have a case for compensation from the estate agent?

My son and I are joint owners of the house I live in; he lives elsewhere. Is it correct that when I die my half share goes to the joint owner ie. my son, since I have another son to whom I would like to leave something?

When you buy the freehold to your property, why do you have to pay extortionate surveyors’ fees to your landlord?

I bought a house last year with a mortgage, and recently other houses on my street have started showing signs of subsidence. Where can I get information about coal seams etc so that I can check that my conveyancer and surveyor did their jobs properly?

I’ve been doing the probate on my father’s will. I’ve done everything but I’m struggling with transferring his house into my name – I am his only son. What’s the best – or cheapest – way of doing this, since I’ve been quoted a fee of £1500.

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