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Have you suffered an injury? Unsure of whether you can make a personal injury claim?

Suffering an accident is stressful enough but pursuing a compensation claim shouldn’t be a burden. Let our legal advisors support you through this difficult time. Whatever your question we can provide the legal answers you require. From whether you are eligible to receive compensation, to the funding options available to you. And best of all, it won’t cost you a penny.

What can I claim for?

Personal injury law covers all sorts of incidents. These can be split into six main categories:

  • Accident at work claims
  • Claims against local authorities or companies
  • Industrial disease claims
  • Road traffic accident claims
  • Serious injury claims
  • Slip, trip and fall claims

Can’t see your accident on this list? Don’t panic. Our personal injury lawyers deal with all types of injury claims, often on a no win no fee basis. When making a claim, you will be compensated not only for the pain and suffering you have experienced as a result of the accident / illness, but also for any loss of amenity or expenses that have come as a direct result of the incident.

Am I eligible to claim compensation?

If you have suffered physical or psychological discomfort because of another person or organisation’s negligence then you can claim compensation for personal injury. A specialist personal injury solicitor will be guide you through what you will need to do and what you will need to prove in order to make a successful claim.
Compensation can cover you for loss of earnings, medical expenses and rehabilitation costs. Whatever you need to get back on your feet.

Still uncertain?

Whether you need advice or to clarify a query -ask one of our legal advisors today. Simply write your question in the box and our lawyers will handle the rest.

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Personal Injury Questions

I was a passenger in a taxi which was involved in an accident, and had to go to hospital for treatment for back, shoulder and neck injuries. I told the cab company I was intending claiming compensation but the firm won’t give me the driver’s name. I now have to claim from an unknown driver. Is this legal?

My job often involved visits to properties that were affected by damp. After several years I developed chest and breathing problems and was admitted to hospital on a number of occasions, where I was told I was highly sensitive to the mould fungus. I’ve now had to finish work altogether and I have to go into hospital regularly when my breathing deteriorates. Do I have a claim for compensation against my employers?

A few months ago I was shopping in a store when my husband stepped back into the perfume counter and knocked a perfume tester on to the floor, smashing it. I cut my foot badly on the glass and it’s still swollen. Do I have a claim for compensation against the store?

Following an accident the police towed my car away, and it has since run up storage charges of more than £700. There’s a dispute about who caused the crash, but both sides agree my car is a write-off. I’ve already lost my car and some earnings; do I now have to pay the storage bill?

My car was written off in an accident which wasn’t my fault. My insurers paid out, but the £350 excess charge was deducted from the amount I received. Am I entitled to reclaim this amount, and if so, who from?

My son was involved in an accident and has accepted an offer of compensation. We’re not happy with the amount. He is going to require treatment for many years to come. What happens if his compensation money runs out?

My wife was knocked down by a car in the car park adjoining a supermarket. The doors to the store open straight out on to the car park and there’s no pavement or walkway. I wondered whether my wife had a case against the supermarket for not providing safe access to the store?

Does having a company-sponsored “personal injury plan” invalidate a claim against the company for industrial injury compensation, and if so, why?

I was jogging along a bridge when a wire mesh panel fixed along the sides broke loose. It hit my arm and leg causing bruising and some pain. I’ve taken photographs of the injuries, but I’m going on holiday next week and the bruising looks very unsightly. An emergency team was sent out to repair the mesh as soon as I contacted the council.

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